petek, 07. december 2007


I chose this photo because it is funny:)

Photo source: by John Stansbury

sreda, 05. december 2007

Fruit growing

I will present another my hobby and this is fruit growing. I like planting fruit trees and prune trees, but I the most enjoy when fruit trees are full of fruit. I planted already more sorts of fruit trees and all trees bear abundantly every year. In winter when leaves falls away is time for winter prune trees. For this work is necessary to have scissors, saw, some knowledge, little good mood and sunny weather. You must try to plant fruit trees because you will be happy when your trees will be full of fruit.

sobota, 03. november 2007

My home village Vogrsko

I live in a small village Vogrsko near Nova Gorica. The village is 16 square kilometers large and has approximately of 850 inhabitants. Through the village are running two streams Lijak and Vogršček. Vogrsko is typical peasant village. Farmers in our village are specialized in viticulture, fruit growing and agriculture. Village is divided on few different settlements: Stara Gora, Jazbine, Britof, Brje, Mali dunaj, Replje, Dombrava, Lijak. I live in settlement Stara Gora. There is a lot of forest and few houses. I like this place because it is very calm and relaxing. You can take a walk, cycle or enjoy in nature there. We have also many other interesting things in Vogrsko, for example two old castles, in one is now school. Second mansion was renewed back in 1995 and is now in pride of the village. In center of village we have church that is dedicated to sacrosanct Just and Gotard. It was built in 1493. In settlement Replje is artificial lake Vogršček which is long two kilometers and up to 35 meters deep. In village we have second oldest choir in Slovenia and 75 years old brass orchestra.

nedelja, 28. oktober 2007

Styrian hen - Štajerka

I decide to write some words of Styrian hen - Štajerka.

The Styrian hen - Stajerka in Slovene, Altsteirer Huhn in German - is the native breed of hen in Slovene and Austrian Styria. It originates in the region between the rivers Mura and Sava in the Slovene part of Styria and in the southern part of Austrian Styria. In the past four varieties of color appeared: light brown, white, barred and partridge-colored. The last one is the most spread and preserved.


Hens of this breed are early maturing, lively, solid and are quite good layers. Their meat is of good quality, the skin is white and eggs are of medium size. The chest length, width and depth ratio is 8:5:3. The chest line is well round off while the crammed belly stresses its strong figure. Feathers on the neck and on the tail are rich; the comb is straight. The back slightly inclines towards the end of the body and it seems wide if looked from the upside down.

Origin and development

The Styrian hen is a native breed, although it may not originate there. Its characteristics suggest common ancestry with other Mediterranean breeds.
The Styrian hen was first mentioned in the 13th century. The breeders became interested in it in the second half of the 19th century when they started to breed it systematically. However, it could hardly compete with modern laying, meat, and dual purpose breeds. It survived mainly due to enthusiasts who were breeding it for domestic use. The hen was first described in 1894 by the first association of breeders in Graz. The special characteristics of the Slovene part of the development of the native Styrian hen were capons that represented an ethnographic background. Capons were castrated and fattened cocks of this breed and have been considered as a culinary speciality for centuries.

Me and the Internet

Internet is very useful and interesting thing, but it also has some disadvantages. You can get addicted to it and you can't rely on everything that is written there too. I started to use it five years ago, especially for fun. Now I usually use it to get different information. I have my own blog but only because of our school programme.

Some pictures of my animals

My horse Lady

Goat Beka

My cat Čiča

Small chickens

sobota, 27. oktober 2007

My animals

So, I love animals and I have different species at home. First I bought two ducks and a goat. My parents weren't satisfied because they thought that I would forget them. But I don't. For my birthday I received a particular sort of hen. I started to collect them and now I already have 30 different sorts of hens. The last animal I bought was a horse. Her name is Lady and she is 9 years old. I sometimes go to ride her.